RentBook is the First Mobile Application to Automate Rental Collection for Small Canadian Landlords


RentBook, a mobile application dedicated to automating rental collection, is the first of its kind to provide this automated service to small Canadian landlords. Hundreds of Canadian landlords are already making use of this application that allows them to effortlessly collect rent from their tenants. The RentBook application, available on iOS and Android, offers a user-friendly platform for landlords in Canada to set up automated payments, track billing, and keep records of past payments. In the past, it has been difficult for small landlords in Canada to automate their rent collection without a business account. RentBook Canada was developed to help these landlords find peace of mind by setting payment terms and scheduling automated payments using the app’s EFT payment system.

“Property rent is more often than not the lifeline of a landlord’s cash flow. Long wait periods for settled funds can be a hassle to deal with, often creating anxiety for landlords regarding their own payment deadlines,” said Christopher L.K.H., co-founder of RentBook. “We created RentBook to solve this issue. Now, small landlords in Canada can easily set up recurring payments with tenants, so they no longer have to worry about chasing unpaid rent. Landlords can say goodbye to the days of anxiously waiting for the rent money to hit their account and let RentBook handle the work of payment collection. The application also documents everything, so landlords have easy access to the records they need for tax filing, dispute resolution, and organisation.”

The RentBook application offers a variety of services and competitive prices. Users will pay a $5.00 CAD service charge per electronic funds transfer transaction. This includes bank-to-bank direct transfers with a $10,000 limit and a 1 to 3-day processing time. The application includes overdraft protection services that involve a $20 CAD insufficient fund charge that will occur when a tenant fails to pay due to insufficient funds. RentBook also offers rental listing ad services on a fully KYC verified listing platform. Rates for these services are subject to change.

With RentBook, small Canadian landlords can ensure their tenant’s rent payments are scheduled and will be deposited within a timely manner. They can also ensure that all important documents are easily accessible when needed. The RentBook mobile application is only available for use for landlords located within Canada. This application has already benefited hundreds of landlords throughout Canada, allowing them to take the stress out of collecting monthly rental payments. RentBook can also be used to quickly document monthly expenses and communicate with tenants about maintenance inquiries and other potential requests or concerns. Additionally, RentBook is a company built upon sustainability and environmental awareness, helping landlords to overall decrease their carbon footprint with less driving, less paper waste, and fewer carbon emissions. With fewer trips to the bank and supplies needed for record-keeping, landlords can also decrease overhead costs while streamlining property management processes.

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